Esbant has been continuing to supply many leading companies in many sectors in Turkey with its leading and innovative mission in the surface abrasion industry finishing sector for 25 years. The Company provides technical support and trainings through the sales representatives having extensive experience, knowledge and training on the surface finishing processes of the materials, in addition to the surface finishing products. Esbant invests in stock-accounting- marketing-logistic and production technologies, machinery and software, continuously; and the Company obtained the required office and production-warehouse facility 2 years ago, at which such investments are conducted. Our Tuzla Facility has an area of 3,600 m2. Esbant now continues its activities in the new facility through easily monitored and controllable processes from the warehouse to the machine park. In our Facility, we give our client to conduct supplier audits so that they can observe the production and storage conditions of the products, and provide them the required training on the products for which they require more information through our professional team, at the center office building. Esbant which aims at growing together with its clients continues to adopt its leading and innovative mission as a service company at first without being involved in production.

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Address : Tuzla Kimya Sanayicileri OSB Melek Aras Bulvarı Aromatik Cd. No 41 Aydınlı-Tuzla/İSTANBUL
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